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This client has three lines of business and the goal was to create a single website for all of them. The project involved taking three websites and building them into one website with three "Portals". Each portal was entirely redesigned and content rewritten, with all new images and custom graphics.


This site is built on the WordPress content management system. The latest best practices are used to set up a secure environment. The site uses a responsive WordPress premium theme, BeTheme, adapted for a custom design to meet the client's vision for her website.

This site is built with two shops, one using WooCommerce and the other using Shopify. We generated all new custom icons for over 150 products and set up the shops, tailored to the different clientele. Each shop has its own shipping rules and searches are contained within the scope of each shop. The checkout system supports credit card and PayPal payments.

The site is built with SEO as part of the design and content.

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