Project: Eric Karlstrom Music

eric karlstrom music website


For this musician we created a website showcasing his 18 CD collection of music. The goal of the project was to portray Eric in his element, playing music with his dogs. The photography for banners and the collages are created by us; the CD artwork is not. We spent time working together, gathering all the music and making sure it was described and pictured accurately.


This website is running on WordPress with a basic free, responsive template. The challenge of the project was to take the music on 18 CDs and present them in the shop, available as a physical CD for shipping, a downloadable CD, and the ability to purchase and download individual songs. For this task we used Audacity to work with the CD tracks en masse to create the exports to then be imported to the shop. This website runs an ECWID store and accepts PayPal and credit cards. All the music tracks can be sampled online for free.

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