Carolyn Victoria McKechnie founder of New Light Arts

Complete Website Design, Coding & Implementation

Do you have a business, organization, or adventure that requires a website? Not sure where to start?

We develop websites from the ground up using a simple process to create a functional and esthetically beautiful web presence for you and your business.

New Light Arts is here to do the web site aspects of your business or organization that you may not have time to do, or may not enjoy doing.

Allow me to take on your website project, build it up from scratch, or convert a web site that you already have into an authentic representation of who and what you and your business want to be known as, at the highest levels of functionality, ease of navigation, and enjoyment of visiting the site.

We work with well-known content management systems and platforms such as Squarespace, WordPress, Wix, Amazon AWS, and others, so that you or your staff can take over the site once it is complete. Included in our work estimate and project plan is a turn over document with a 1-hour skype session to review your new site and show you the basics of how to maintain and change web page content. This is optional as you can also hire New Light Arts to maintain your site.

We do SEO work; a small segment of SEO is included in even our most basic project development plan, and you can hire us to do a full SEO project for you as well.

Contact us to discuss your project and request an estimate. We have developed a system that allows us to create web sites efficiently. Our focus of clientele is around the arts, nature, and sustainable business. Among our clients are musicians, artists, writers, poets, dance companies, leading edge entrepreneurs, green businesses, sustainable businesses, coaching businesses and conscious leaders.